The Classics club

"The Classics club : a community of classics lovers", how could I resist ? I love classics ! Old classics, modern classics, golden age mysteries, everything goes.

I happened upon this blog and this Goodreads group through Emma at Words and peace. 

To enter this club, you have to make a list of 50 classics (whatever kind of books you name classics) to read in 5 years. The complete list of instructions on how to join is here.
During this year 2020, I have read/re-read 57 novels and short stories - each title is linked to the review :
- Ray Bradbury : The machineries of joy
- Anne Brontë : Agnes Grey
- Charlotte Brontë : The professor
- Emily Brontë : Poems, Wuthering heights
- Frances Hodgson Burnett : The secret garden
- Wilkie Collins : The haunted house
- Dinah Craik : Olive
- Daphne du Maurier : The doll
- Elizabeth Gaskell : The life of Charlotte Brontë
- Charlotte Perkins Gilman : The yellow wall-paper
- George Gissing : The odd women
- Anna Katherine Green : The affair next door
- Gerald Manley Hopkins : As kingfishers catch fire
- James Joyce : Dubliners
- Lucy Maud Montgomery : Anne of Green Gables
- Barbara Pym : Excellent women
- Mary Shelley : Frankenstein
- Robert Louis Stevenson : Treasure island
- Bram Stoker : Dracula
- Jonathan Swift : A modest proposal
- J.R.R. Tolkien : The Hobbit, The lord of the rings
- Mary Wesley : The camomille lawn
- Rebecca West : The return of the soldier
- P.G. Wodehouse : Jeeves and the feudal spirit
- Virginia Woolf : Londres (in French)
- Emile Zola : Germinal

Next, I would like to read/re-read (those books are on my physical shelf, mostly) - I linked the titles to their Goodreads pages :
- Beaumarchais : Le mariage de Figaro
- Ray Bradbury : Dandelion wine
- Pearl Buck : East wind, west wind
- Samuel Butler : The way of all flesh
- Albert Camus : Caligula
- Jean Cocteau : La machine infernale
- Corneille : Polyeucte
- Charles Dickens : Great expectations
- Daphne du Maurier : The loving spirit, My cousin Rachel
- Elizabeth Gaskell : North and south, Mary Barton
- Gustave Flaubert : Madame Bovary
- Elizabeth Goudge : The city of bells, Island magic
- George and Weedon Grossmith : The diary of a Nobody
- Ernest Hemingway : To have and have not 
- Victor Hugo : Hernani
- Henry James : Portrait of a lady 
- Joseph Kessel : Vent de sable, Le lion
- Mme de la Fayette : La princesse de Clèves
- Mishima : Dojoji
- Nietzsche : Aphorisms 
- Dorothy Richardson : The tunnel, Honeycomb
- Angela Thirkell : Wild strawberries
- J.R.R. Tolkien : The Silmarillion
- Patricia Wentworth : Outrageous fortune, Nothing venture

Phew ! Linking was a long job ! 
These are the classic titles that I will read next, but they probably won't be the only ones : I have several complete works on my kindle : Oscar Wilde, Anthony Trollope, Elizabeth Gaskell, Elizabeth Von Arnim and so on. And I'm currently re-reading all of the Brontës, Agatha Christie and Daphne du Maurier. No special reason other than I just love them. 
I applied to the Goodreads group last evening, I intend to join the blog and each time I'll publish a review of a book on this list, I will link it with this logo :
This is going to be just great ! I intend to read all these before 2025 (probably before the end of 2021...)


  1. Two fabulous lists!
    Welcome to the Classics Club!

  2. Thanks Brona, I'm so happy to have joined !

  3. wow, you arwe devouring these comme des petits pains, lol !
    The Secret Garden is so amazing. I read tons of Goudge in my early 20s, I should check, but maybe I won't like this style any longer. So many great French classics of course. And I'm going to look into Dodoji. Thanks for sharing

    1. The secret garden is so great ! And I too fear I won't like Elizabeth Goudge any more, which is why I want to find out. Half of me tells me I will have outgrown her books, the other half claims that I'll be missing out on her novels :)

  4. Funny, I was looking all over the place for Dodoji, then realized it was Dojoji! Adding it to my list for the upcoming Japanese Literature Challenge (January-March). Thanks!!

    1. Lol ! That Japanese literature challenge is tempting me, I'm trying to resist but I probably won't :/ You're welcome Emma !

  5. Sorry for the 3rd comment. So glad I helped you discover The Classics Club!

    1. Please don't apologize, and thanks again for that wonderful link :)