My week(s) in books (not only) #61 - The Sunday Salon


Hello, I'm linking back to The sunday salon held by Deb at Readerbuzz. Click on the links to access the posts and discover plenty of great bloggers who are dying to share their book reviews, and other things, with you ! 

 *°*° LIFE UPDATES °*°* 

Hi there, it's been a while ! The weather was grey, the temperatures were fresh, the sun had gone but the rain was there, I felt a little out of sorts and decided to take a break from internet. The sun reappeared, so I kicked myself up and went back to blogging again. I hope my resolution will hold some time. We're still on lockdown, just going out for grocery shopping or walking places I know by heart is getting old.

I tried commenting on Wordpress blogs, it all started well then I had "the link you followed is expired" and all that stuff, so I played a bit with the Badger privacy app then got fed up and gave up. I'll try some other day, when I'm more up to fighting with a computer. Again.

I don't sound very joyful, do I ! But I'm getting better and as tomorrow will be my partner's birthday, I'm posting this today and will go through the comments starting monday. Have a great end of the week, as much as possible, and stay safe :)


  *°*° BOOKS READ °*°* 
A French classic from the 1920s
A New Zealand/Briths mystery classic from the 1930s
This one received the Akutagawa award in 2016 and is not translated in English
 Book #2 of The Name of the wind
Book #0.5, but it can be read in no special order

A  Victorian retelling of Madame Bovary

Excellent historical Victorian mystery
"The ladies' paradise" by Zola - group read
Continuing the Murderbot series

   *°*° BOOK HAUL °*°* 
I recently read the first, so I needed the next one
Because if you bought 2 paperbacks from this editor,
you got this lovely poster as a present, I bought... 3 paperbacks :
Sadly, you just have "The restaurant of love regained" translated in English - 
in French, we have several titles by this author that I love
A Korean novella, not available in English...
A Japanese novella, not translated in English (the French are lucky !)
Vegan -  japanese cooking - easy, how could I resist ? 
A great French classic, which I love and already have in paperback,
but the cover of this hardback was irresistible. You can't see it, but it's shiny !

"Sweet bean paste" - I had it on hold last year at the library
just before you-know-what happened, so I finally bought it
it was on sale, so I had to read it !
And thanks to Helen, I snatched these two for free :

As you can see, my book buying ban is gone with the wind ! Partly physical temptation - the books were right there in front of me in the bookstore 
- partly virtual temptation - many sales online this week. Oh well !
 *°*° ON THE NET °*°*  
The art & science of soap making, a lovely video in a beautiful Irish shop 
(they have a online shop too, if you're tempted - I know I am)

And for something completely different, this is a playlist on a YT channel entirely dedicated to the Kingkiller chronicle. Great character studies, great world exploration, great illustrations borrowed from Deviant art. It gave me much food for thought. Read the books before you watch those so you know what the youtuber is talking about ! Awesome !


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