Brian WILKS : The illustrated Brontës of Haworth

This book is a celebration of the lives of one of the most famous families in English literature - Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, who lived in Haworth, Yorkshire during the first half of the nineteenth century. The author has included a selection of the prose and poetry of all the sisters, which reflect their own experiences to give a vivid picture of their lives. This book is a fascinating introduction to the family and is well illustrated throughout, with paintings, drawings, memorabilia of Haworth and photographs of the surrounding landscape.

A very agreeable book, illustrated by "old" pictures - this was edited in 1986 - about... the Brontës and Haworth or the places nearby. I didn't learn anything particularly new (but I've been living with this family for decades, so it's no surprise) and it wasn't as much about the Brontës *and* Haworth as I expected, somehow I perused it with much pleasure. That said, it's not like they lived a hectic life all over the world !

This book is mostly for fans, I think 2021 readers would love something shinier and more colourful, and it comprises the following chapters :
- first a summary of the Brontës' lives,
- then each chapter is about the books they have written (poetry, novels), starting with Emily, then Charlotte and finally Anne. For each novel, you see the pictures of places that inspired the Brontës, or might have inspired them, and there are large excerpts - so if you haven't read any, don't read this book until you have completed them all !

There are pictures, photos, engravings on almost every page and the die-hard Brontë fan that I am loved reading it all. A nice change from Covid, but I think most people can do without it.

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