Martha WELLS : Compulsory - The Murderbot diaries #0.5

“My risk-assessment module predicts a 53 percent chance of a human-on-human massacre before the end of the contract.”
A short story published in Wired.com magazine on December 17, 2018.
(you have to register to read it but the access is free)
"It’s not like I haven’t thought about killing the humans since I hacked my governor module. But then I started exploring the company servers and discovered hundreds of hours of downloadable entertainment media, and I figured, what’s the hurry ? I can always kill the humans after the next series ends." 
This is the first sentence in the history of the Murderbot series - isn't it a great beginning ?
It's not a novella, it's a really short story and yes, I gave it 5 stars because :
1) Why not ?
2) I can 
3) because it's a very good start that makes you want to read more - which I did 4) because even if I'm the only person in the world who gave 5 stars to a short sci-fi story, who cares ?
Read it and, like me, get hooked !

PS : Even if you have already read the novellas (as I have) and novels, you can read this.


  1. I need to read this series! I think it'll be a nice summer series to read. Glad the short story is excellent as well!

    1. Good idea, it will be a perfect summer read indeed !

  2. I pretty much love everything Murderbot :):)

  3. LOL, I loved this beginning, too.

    1. The Murderbot is irresistible - media before everything !